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The Final Edit


Tony Alva and Wynn Miller's visual collaboration has produced hundreds, if not thousands of images, over five decades of traveling and friendship. The photos capture rare moments of one of skateboarding's most enduring and creative partnerships. We recently asked Wynn to dig through his massive archive and send us a group of his favorite Alva shots. The captions are personal reflections by Tony. The result is The Final Edit.  

Hope you enjoy these memories and nostalgia.  

Photo Above: Tony Alva and Wynn Miller on tour, 1970s. To see more of Wynn's photos, follow him on Instagram @WynnMillerPhoto.

 1970s English tour in-store appearance with a modern group of Alva fans.

Iconic fashion statement on tour in Sweden, 1970s. Badittude.
Harrow halfpipe on pig shape Alva deck in the fisheye lens of Chokey boy.
These are the K-girls. They were a skateboard team of girls from Kettering that became some of my biggest fans in England. *Note the K-girls Alva buttons.
Late afternoon Gonzo's pool hip pivot.
Jumping twelve French Fans on the Normandy coast. Late 1970s.
Early 80s backside attack sans pads on San Clemente backyard ramp.
Sneaking into the pipes at Camp Pendelton with DH. 
It was illegal but our specialty and well worth it.
Frontside air at Gonzo's pool on proto-type board with mylar Alva logo.
Maybe we should re-issue soon!?!
Alva ad shot in front of Pendelton pipes. We called it Nukeland because the pipes were used to cool the nuclear reactor at San Onofre.
Somewhere in South Bay LA. A big backyard ramp with just Mondo.
No coping or lip. Skoundrelz 80s era.
Leopardskin board pipe transfer. Iconic photo that was used for subscription ad for Skateboarder mag. This shot is my favorite because, at the time, this was extreme.
Our guy, Wynn Miller surfing El Salvador, 2014.