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TA and the crew from Vans were excited to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the iconic Kona Skatepark back in 2017. A big shoutout to the Ramos family for their dedication to skateboarding and love of the culture.

Check out photos below by Alex Mayol and what our friends over at Juice Magazine had to say. 


For the last 40 years, Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida, has remained a lighthouse for generations of skateboarders to test their mettle on its legendary concrete terrain. Kona stands alone in its status as the oldest, privately owned, skatepark in North America, making it a historical landmark for skateboarding and also an American treasure. The ironically titled tombstone that sits dead center in the park stands tall as a reminder of the enormous amounts of blood and sweat, poured over a timeline of progression over the last four decades of skateboarding.

Since 1977, skateboarding has constantly challenged all possibilities, and Kona has remained a veritable proving ground for the most famous and infamous names in skateboarding to showcase their skills. The Ramos family has weathered many a storm over the years and their unwavering passion and dedication to keeping skateboarding alive is inspirational and unequivocally appreciated by those who show up to ride on a daily basis.

The 40 year celebration of this magical concrete wonderland was nothing short of astonishing. A major tip of the hat to the Ramos family for keeping skateboarding alive and well on the Right Coast for the last four decades and a raise of the glass to many more decades of ripping to come. Thank you to the City of Jacksonville for all of the superb hospitality and much love to all of our skateboard family and friends for an unparalleled weekend of non-stop fun. -Juice Magazine