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*LTD* DITCH TRI-TAIL w/ PLATE *2nd Run in YELLOW Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

For the first time since the 80's the Tri-Tail is back with a new and improved design!! This boards concept and design was inspired from the Ditches of New Mexico and the American Southwest. Although inspired and originally designed for Ditch riding, this board is made for all terrain. The hand crafted Tri-Tail makes for some new and improved foot placement and comfort.

Comes with ALVA SK8 License plate.

33" x 10"
Adjustable Wheel Base of 17 3/4" or 20" 
Front has smooth spoon nose concave
Tail has solid kick with " wingtip" gas pedals

1st run (Dec 2016) was in Blue - sold out
2nd run 2017 COMING SOON!