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  • I need the sound of rain.

    TA- Legendary

    Summer into fall. Heat. There is no shade on the sun. I need the sound of rain... We go to Malibu. An ocean breeze does its best to cool things down a bit. Todd Glaser came along to take some photographs of Tony Alva. It was to be a fun session. Angelo, Mike Early, Olivia Castro, Jimmy Wilkins, TA and I were anxious to ride. Fun was on the agenda.

    Angelo- rolling
    Olivia Castro
    Jimmy Wilkins- double quick 5-0

    The afternoon sun never let up and neither did we. Lines were in abundance and more than a little style was evident. TA charged hard, Jimmy Wilkins lit it up, Mike Early pulled airs in every bowl and Angelo went faster than most everyone. It was good.

    Mike Early- frontside air
    Jimmy Wilkins- backside disaster

    The sun dropped slowly. The heat remained. It was a long hot summer. I squinted ino the glare. I thought to myself once again...  I need the sound of rain. Thanks to Todd Glaser for the images. Skate- Ozzie